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Welcome one, welcome all....
If you are lucky enough to have found this website, you either came across it merely by luck, or you are someone of which I trust greatly. Regardless, I am glad you are here, and you hold a special place in my heart.

Polophylax is an old, defunct name for a fictional man of whom we know nothing about. What we do know, is that he was the guardian of the South Pole; more broadly, the guardian of all the stars in the southern celestial hemisphere. That is such a great responsibility- and yet even so early as a year after his creation in 1592, nobody knew his name.

That ideology is not just one to understand while browsing this fun site, but also one by which I hope to live my life. Many people go through their time on earth accomplishing great things, and being responsible for lots of power. It becomes a problem when the motivation behind this becomes corrupt and misguided. This is almost inevitable when becoming a person of fame and significance, and unfortunately much of our world's media sources, politicians, and role-models have all succumbed to these deceitful values. That is why I believe that the most effective way to accomplish great achievements for the betterment of humanity and in the best interest of serving the LORD is by doing so in a manner that will render as little notoriety as possible; At the very least, maturity minus the influence and interest of corporate or political desire.

Coincidentally, or not, Polyphylax (Not Polophylax) happens to be the Genus name of a pratically undocumented yet beautiful orchid that originated in Santa Barbara. This plant has been epitheted Gripp's Ghost. For those wondering, this orchid came from the Polyradicion and Dendrophylax orchids, seed and pollen respectively. Like with Polophylax, Plancius' guardian of the south, the appeal and interest in it stems from it's beauty and accomplishment in spite of the lack of noteriety. And so, it is from this plant that I dubbed my namesake "Polyphylax."

Feel free to browse this site as you please, though I must warn you that it is and always will be a work in progess, and I do not expect this to ever be perfect or finished. I hope you enjoy this collection of my thoughts, and have a good day afterwards.

Until next time,

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